Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A spinster's end-of-the-road

On 15th May, I was on my way to the airport, heading to take a flight to Mumbai. The occassion was my marriage. Of the billion thoughts that passed my mind then, here is a miniscule:

"The next time I tread this path, I shall be a woman. In less than a week, I would be transformed...I shall no more be single. I will have a family of my own, I shall be secure, responsible and grown. I will be the person that was defined BIG in my childhood games. I would have arrived. This city which called me for my bread and butter, the city that belonged to others... it shall be mine now. And I will belong to it... forever and ever. I feel happy, I am excited. My heart is fluttering.... probably the joy of going to be with my family the last time before I am wed.... I am rejoicing, with tears in my eyes."