Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Women's Day!!!!

It is 8th March 2011 – The 100th International Women’s Day. I am just back from a special program organized at our company, where eminent speakers from the industry shared their understanding of Gender Diversity and how women can help themselves to make this world accept women as much more than just home makers.

Two years back in this same occasion I remember standing up against the panelists to put forth a point that women are no more their own enemies. I took the example of my mother-in-law (then to be MIL) saying that she was not against my working after marriage. She in fact stressed on the point that I retain my financial independence.

It is now two years of knowing her. The more I know of her, the more I admire her. She may have her various weaknesses, but I am conscious of her toil, her sacrifices, her will power and her victory. And today when she tells me I mustn’t ever give up my career, I know exactly why she says so.

There are many famous women who have left their mark by their struggle and here is one, who in her own small way, has put her foot down in a male dominated community to prove a point. I am privileged to be so closely associated to a person with such a strong determination to conquer her world against all odds.

On this women special day, I salute her and thank her for her contribution in making Karthik what he is today. Amma, I am absolutely in awe of you!