Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Love for Material

It was yet another Sunday morning…. probably the last one in this home. I yawned again but this time my head weighed heavy. I had a lot of stuff on my To-Do list and I had hardly begun. As I scanned through the stuff in the room wondering how I was going to fit it all into cartons, my mind wavered into the past.

“I like the house but I cannot afford that much advance, can you reduce it a little?” After a series of negotiations between the owner, broker and me, I finally settled into my little palace with a suitcase full of clothes and a duffle bag to hold toiletries and other trivia.

I had barely stepped in and I had to run down to buy a broom – the first thing I bought for my new house. That was just the beginning. Soon, Ishan and I were out on the streets, looking for the best offers available for me to set up my house. We started off with dusters, brushes, and mattresses; then moved on to items for the kitchen. Stuffing his car with all sorts of stuff, we went on to select my cupboard. I wonder where we got all the energy from… we traveled across the city only in search of the best deals. When we reached home at 9:00, we had a bill 3 feet long and two rooms filled with packages, bags, cartons, vessels, accessories, appliances and everything else you can think of.

Too tired to do anything, I went off to sleep leaving everything as it was. The next morning – a Sunday morning, the first in my house, I woke up to no tea or coffee. I hadn’t yet set up my gas stove. Nor did I have enough provisions to make myself breakfast. Today was going to be no easier than yesterday. I had to book my gas at the agency nearby. The cupboard was due for delivery and I needed to set the stuff to where was going to be their permanent location, thus making space for the cupboard. Ishan was kind enough to lend me his wooden chest which I could use for ironing and also stacking some of my clothes.

At the end of Day 2, I was sort of set for a living. I yet needed a lot of stuff like curtains, and other upholstery – but that could wait until the next weekend. As time went by, I kept adding a little this and that to my place and before I knew it, it was a full-fledged home with loads of my personal touch to it. It reminded of the verse “I love my house, I love my Nest; In all the world My Nest is Best!!” from my favourite book “The Best Nest” – ah!! Childhood memories :-)

Two years hence, this other Sunday, I again have no time to enjoy the morning sun, nor make coffee as my stove is given away. It is time to say good bye to my beloved. Not human, not living but mere brick and mortar. This home of mine has been my lucky charm, my constant support, well-wisher and friend. It has been witness to my laughter and cheer, and tears alike. It has been my partner in solitude, independence, strength and fear. In its shelter, I have seen life, learnt and grown.

This is the place that I can call my own. Even at 80 when I look back, the thought of this home will make me smile. It will enliven my youth - my freedom days. It will remind me of what I am and what I have the capability to be.

When I return the keys to its owner, I might not shed a tear. But my heart will take a thump as I move on to My New Home.

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