Monday, December 30, 2013

Year of prospect - 2014

10 days after my previous post, as I was lulling away at a resort in BR Hills, celebrating our 4th anniversary, Pranathi called. Pranathi, who was initially and went on to become one of my closest pals over the years along with arguably being my sister and/or sister-in-law.
She shared with us the good news of her wedding proposed to be held in December of the year. The news, along with making me want to get back to Bangalore immediately, also marked my calendars busy for all weekends for the rest of the year.

The last 6 months we have be submerged in wedding preparation and with 2 other weddings in the family in the mean time, I have had very little time to spare.

So I am back here at the brink of new year hoping that the coming year will see more posts than any of the previous. This year, I drifted from the usual rut of resolutions and decided to make a progress chart.
I have made a table similar to the attendance sheet at school. Only in place of the names, I have the list of things that I plan to do. Every day that I carry out an activity, I will mark a tick against the date. That way, at the end of each month, I can see tangible progress and also work out a plan at including items in my schedule, that I have ignored. There are no goals on the list, just tasks.

So my list doesn’t read “Lose Weight”. But it sure has “Exercise for 30 minutes” and “Eat healthy”. I have also included “Write” on the list though not specifically mentioning the blog.
So looking forward to a year full of moves in the right direction and also a fun-filled year with Baby A starting to express by words. More on him in my next post!

Happy New Year 2014!!

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