Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubs!!

Last two days have been Hubs’ birthday. Don’t be surprised, he wasn’t born twice. It was his date of birth on 20th and his birthday according to Hindu calendar (Start birthday) on 21st. To me, this meant being nice to him for 48 hours non-stop. Ah! How glad I was when I woke up this morning that I could resume finding faults at him. I didn’t wait a second to point at his wet towel on the bed with a frown on my face. How much I love my part time job of being a picky house-wife!!

On Monday, in order to celebrate his budday (and to help me keep my mind off the stupidities he does around the house) we decided on a trip to Wonder La. It was a last minute plan considering it only dawned on us on Sunday evening. Waking up in the morning was tough as we had a midnight cake cutting ceremony between the two of us and didn’t sleep before 2am. Soon I had called my Boss to say I am sick and we were ready to leave. I reminded him to remove all extra credit cards and cash from his wallet as I had read an
article about thefts in the Wonder La lockers. We were on the move around 9:30. We had a handsome 50kms to drive down.

10:55AM Entrance of Wonder La
Hubs and I are busy frolicking away, pulling fast ones at the security guards and the parking helpers at the park. We walk down to the counter to buy our tickets. “Do you accept debit cards?”, “Yes Sir. But you will have to wait 5 minutes as the sale of tickets only begins at 11:00”. Hubs is happy we reached before the park opened and we will have enough time for all the rides. He notices an SBI ATM near the entrance and decides to withdraw cash before the counters open. Standing in front of the ATM he pulls out the card from his wallet. The red card stares back at him reading ‘i-mint’. Hubs is almost going to faint. He frantically searches his wallet for his debit card but in vain. He runs through the cash to check if he has enough. It adds up to around Rs.550. One adult ticket at the park costs Rs.470. He feels like kicking himself, he throws the i-mint card away in deep frustration and looks at me desperately. I am both disappointed and amused at once. I can’t imagine we drove 50+ kms only to go back.

We walked back to the HelpDesk at the park and explained that we lost our wallet somewhere and asked if we can do an online transfer for the tickets. The guy at the counter looked concerned but helpless. Soon he called out to 2 other supervisors who had nothing to offer us but apologies. We continued kicking around the area for a while hoping we could get some help. Then as lightning strikes, it struck on Hubs that he had a friend working at Toyota, around 5 kms away from where we were.

Before I knew it, Hubs was calling Savan who just wouldn’t pick up his phone. He tried again and again before finally giving up. The dejection was apparent on his face. 30 seconds later, Savan was calling. He said he was on leave. However, a good friend and a great chap that he was, he volunteered to come down all the way from his home at Kengeri to give us the money and we shamelessly agreed. We didn’t have words to thank Savan when we finally met him and received the cash. We rushed back to the park only one hour after the park had opened.

The rest of the day was wonderful. We blessed Savan every now and then for the good time we were having. All the rides were exciting but, we enjoyed the Water Boomerang and the Tidal Waves the most. We returned home all tired and famished for sleep.

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